Fears and Phobias

You will experience fears (phobias) whenever you pursue what you falsely assume to be important to you, but actually isn’t. 

Any time you intend to achieve some grand outcome that is based primarily upon someone else’s injected values and not your own true highest values, you are psychologically designed to experience fear (panic, phobia) as a result of aiming for such a unrealistic fantasy (manic, philia). This phobic feeling represents a helpful feedback guide to your conscious mind to let you know you are being inauthentic with your expectations and let you know to return to setting more authentic and meaningful objectives that are truly aligned with your own highest values and that to set more realistic time frames and clear cut strategies to follow.

Your philias create your phobias.
Your fantasies create your fears.
Your “manics” create your panics.

It is unrealistic to expect yourself to achieve greatness while attempting to live outside of your own highest values.

Author: Dr J Demartini

Author, Leadership and Performance Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Founder of the Demartini Institute www.DrDemartini.com

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