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The Breakthrough Experience is my signature seminar program that I do consistently around the world. My objective is to do what I can to assist people to identify what’s really important to them and help them set sail on course for that. Most people are so accustomed to subordinating to outer influences or authorities that they don’t know how to listen to and observe themselves carefully enough to see what’s truly meaningful and important. So, I do what I can to help people see what is truly most important and inspiring to them and help them breakthrough anything that might hinder their fulfillment of it.  As they attend the Breakthrough Experience, they actually get to realize how magnificent they really are, as they are, not how they’re supposed to be. I also show them how to manage their challenges and dissolve their emotions so that they become masters of their lives and not run by outer circumstances and imbalanced perceptions. Over the years I have had inspiring feedback from thousands of past students. Students who resolved relationship issues, ones who started inspiring and profitable businesses that span the globe, people who defined a new vision and path for their lives, people who changed jobs, made fortunes and found fulfillment.

If you are one of the past students who has attended my Breakthrough Experience program I would love to have you share your feedback below regarding the results you have seen unfold in your life as a result of applying the principles and methodologies that you discovered at the Breakthrough Experience.

I would love to thank you in advance for sharing your inspiration.

Love and Wisdom,

Dr John Demartini

3 Replies to “Share Your Results!”

  1. As a business leader in the oil and gas industry I found the Breakthrough Experience full of wisdom and love to lead a balanced life as I am supported and challenged with the happenings of life. This experience has given me clarity and understanding from direct experience of the essence and order of the universe. I have been able to use this process on my life journey to have grace and appreciation in the moment.

  2. I have invested significantly (hundreds of thousands of rands) in all sorts of personal development programs, courses, products and seminars over the past 15 years and the Breakthrough Experience with Dr John Demartini is by FAR the most valuable and impactful one I’ve ever done. In fact, for the value one gets out of the program, you should be paying significantly more for it. The principles learnt can be applied throughout all areas of life and in any situation and I still use it daily, despite having done Breakthrough for the first time a few years ago. I not only recommend this highly to everyone I come into contact with, I in fact insist that certain clients, friends and colleagues attend where I know the Breakthrough Experience will have an immediate and lasting impact in their lives. Don’t hesitate … JUST DO IT!

  3. Dr Demartini a fellow Chiropractor offers solutions to empower individuals across all categories of life. I am honored to be alive and to be contributing to Dr Demartini’s expansion of human awareness. Dr D is a true global leader.

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