Bring Balance to Life

Recognize that nothing is missing in any area of your life and realize that there is never gain or loss only transformation. You will automatically emphasize the area of life that is highest on your values more than those lower. By linking what area that you find least inspiring to the area you find most inspiring you increase the probability of fulfilling this area too.
For whatever you think is missing in your life – ask what form is it in? It is not missing it is simply in a form you have not recognized. You have every trait and you never gain or lose a trait – though you can change their forms of expression. Nothing is missing in you. You are whole. Whatever you see in the most amazing people on earth you have in you in your own unique form already. Honor it by looking deeply at what form it is in. You are truly amazing.

By Dr. John Demartini

Author: Dr J Demartini

Author, Leadership and Performance Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Founder of the Demartini Institute

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  1. This is something I aspire to. It sounds simple when explained in words. It requires dedication and application. It also requires humility and a Mind opened to new information; it requires honoring your relationship with self, first and foremost. Only then will you be willing to appreciate and honor those you consider to be the ‘most amazing people on earth’; only then will you appreciate their uniqueness by honoring yours.

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