By Dr John Demartini
Dr. John Demartini: Internationally published author, educator and human behavior specialist and a business consultant.

1. Confidence Trap
When you’re busy you often accomplish and create much more. The more intensely you’re focused and active and the longer you maintain such a focus, the faster your accomplishments. Time spent on doubt, fear, or low-priority actions slows down your accomplishments. When your mind is focused on your dreams, you don’t have time for the many self-doubts that block them.

2. Raise Your Standard
Anything you do takes time. To maximize the value of your time, prioritize your interactions. People who seem less busy and want to consume your time may think you’re being rude when you say no to their invitations, but busy people understand immediately that you’re just choosing to prioritize and wisely manage your time.

3. Efficiency and Effectiveness
Often when you perform a service for less than you feel you deserve you lower your worth and enthusiasm and slow your business. Any aspect of your work that pays less than you truly feel you deserve can become your business’ weak link. In addition to undermining your motivation, inefficiency and ineffectiveness can also reduce profit margins. Your worth can be determined by how efficient and effective you are at performing high-priority actions. Business masters are those who love what they do, do what they love and work efficiently and effectively. They delegate everything else to those who desire to do the same.

4. Desperation vs Inspiration
When you hire, don’t rescue desperation. Anyone who says, “I’ll work for anything, I’ll do anything, you can pay me whatever you like,” is desperate and if you hire desperation, you’ll breed it in your business. You can train many skills, but inspiration isn’t easy to develop and takes work. Take the time to evaluate the whole person, not just their curriculum vitae.

5. Busy-ness
When you have fewer demands, you become more easily distracted and/or anxious. When your employees have fewer demands, they become less productive, so keep your employees busy, focused and inspired. If you’d like your employees to be productive, give them a bit more than they think they can do, and they’ll do more than they ever thought possible.

6. Working on Your Business
Business fulfillment doesn’t automatically result from hard work; working smart is just as important. Part of that is raising your fees. Knowing all the details and costs of your business is vital. Knowing where you stand financially tells you how flexible or firm you can be and prevents you from making unwise business decisions. So work out all of your costs and put a true value on yourself and your business. It will pay handsomely in the long run, saving you years of undervalued work.

7. Prosperity and Austerity
Everything occurs in cycles. In times of perceived prosperity, you’ll feel elated, optimistic, and complacent and you’ll stop doing the things that brought you there and the demand for your product or time will drop off while your supply goes up. In times of perceived austerity, you’ll feel depressed, pessimistic, and impatient. Then you’ll become creative, go back to the basics and act purposefully once again. As your demand goes back up and your supply goes down, you return to the prosperity side of the cycle. It’s a circle and money dips are an essential part of it until you develop discipline.

8. Feedback
Make sure you request feedback about your products and services, to keep refining and evolving what you do and how you do it. Not every suggestion will be of the greatest value, but by being selective you can receive tremendous feedback.

9. Work and Play
In your business career, you’ll experience moments of work and play, seriousness and humor, tragedy and comedy. Embrace them all equally, for they will help you remain centered and focused. If you make your business too serious, some employee may try to create fun to provide the balance or they will feel urges to take time off and get away to express their playful side. Put work and play together and you and your employees will be more integrated, energetic, and inspired.

10. Put Your Heart in It
When you truly appreciate and value where you are and the products or services you offer, so will others. Whatever you think about and focus on with inspiration is what you attract into your life. It’s a basic law of business. Until your innermost dominant thought is your clients, don’t expect their innermost dominant thought to be your business. When they are on your mind, you are on their mind.
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Author: Dr J Demartini

Author, Leadership and Performance Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Founder of the Demartini Institute www.DrDemartini.com


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