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Krugersdorp Prisoners Receive an Unforgettable Famous Visitor

Human behavioural specialist, Dr John Demartini, to over 1 000 prisoners when he spoke at the Krugersdorp Prison yesterday. In an unprecedented move, he spoke first to an audience of about 120 wardens before sinking down into the bowels of the maximum security prison to address the prisoners.

Demartini told the wardens if they weren’t inspired by their jobs and making a difference, they were dead weight. “It’s important to love what you do and do what you love,” he said. “When you can’t wait to go to work in the morning, people can’t wait to get your service. You can make a real difference to the prisoners’ lives by believing in their possibilities, dissolving their hurt with your wisdom or merely laughing at their jokes.” However, he warned against perpetuating the prisoners’ feelings of entitlement, which he says will lead to further crime. “Instead encourage them to become empowered.”

Correctional Services Area Commissioner Mbebe said the prisoners are looking for hope and they look to us to give it to them. “If we are not inspired, how can we help them? What Dr Demartini gave us today was some really inspiring messages.”

In a packed, stark hall, Demartini almost immediately captivated the sea of luminous orange-clad offenders with his own story of triumph over adversity. When he threw the question out: “How many of you would love to do something extraordinary with your lives?” Nearly a thousand hands flew up. It was the moment that Demartini knew he was getting through to them.


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